Testemonials by former clients


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We have been very lucky to have Slaveia consult us, since one of her particular strengths is the knowledge of various methods and the ability to apply them flexibly within ABA. She also trained in Verbal Behaviour, which she applies in many programmes, including ours. She is always keeping her ear to the ground as to what other specialists are doing in the field of autism, not just in ABA, but in other areas as well. It is very comforting to know that if anything of note is happening anywhere in the autism world, we'll hear about it from Slaveia. In many ways we are breaking new ground with both our children - Slaveia actually created many programmes from scratch as a response to their particular needs and beyond the existing ABA/VB curricula.

Extract from an article in SPEACH, 2004 written by Natalie, a parent of two children on home programmes, London


Slaveia's ABA/VB programme has delivered an outstanding education for our son, comprehensively meeting his needs, enriching his life and exceeding our expectations of the level of his attainment and quality of life.

Britt, London

The progress report that Slaveia prepared for our tribunal hearing was the most comprehensive report ever written about our son and was instrumental in the process.

Dorothy, Luton